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About FoodTime

FoodTime is here to help you maximise your break! We are a group of food lover’s who understand that break time is sacred, and an opportunity to refuel. We’ve experienced the challenges that many local workers face during break time. So we’ve created the perfect solution. FoodTime offers a simple, convenient and innovative system which allows local workers to order great food, delivered directly to your workplace. Get food delivered at the very start of your break and claim back the time that’s rightfully yours.

FoodTime Corporate Platters

Are you in charge of organising the next morning tea, conference or after work party? Worried about not satisfying your co-workers hungry tummies? Here at FoodTime we understand how important food selection can be, so we’re here to help you through the process from top to bottom.

I'm pleased to present you our "product menu" here on the World-Wide Web. At Fax Foods our corporate policy is quite simple -- we're dedicated to providing our customers with quality food replicas that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective for their businesses.